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Undisputed Fitness is looking to be more than just a gym. From group classes to athlete training and personal training we are looking to change the way people look at exercise. Undisputed wants to become a part of the community by giving health and fitness to anyone who wants to work hard. Let’s work together to help each other improve everyday and get one step closer to becoming the champion we  want to be.

“…And Still!”

The unique programs utilized will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape.

Our motto at Undisputed is “And Still!”

 Whenever a fighter becomes world champion, they are announced the new champion “And New!”

When a champion retains their belts after a victory they are announced, “And  Still!”

We want everyone to become a champion and stay a champion. Let’s all strive to maintain the “And Still!” Status.

The Work

Workouts will be any range of intensity levels. Some classes and sessions will offer HIIT style work that involve high intensity exercises for those looking to challenge themselves and find their maximum output. Others will focus on stretching, mobility and range of motion.

Personal training session will be catered to the individual putting in the work. The right mix of what they want and what they need.

All of our sessions, group or individual, will hyper focus on technicality and form.

Cardio, Barbell, Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Plyometric, Balance amongst many other things will be incorporated to help clients become the champion they deserve to be!

Workout with Kettlebells


Boxing is a unique and fun way to challenge yourself while getting cardio in. Whether you’re looking to release some stress from life or gain knowledge to make your run at the title, Undisputed Fitness is your place. Boxing is an effective way to get maximum cardio output and find out just how tough you are!


Peter Gall V

Peter is from right here in Frankfort, KY. After graduating from Western Hills and going to WKU, Peter found himself committing the worst mistake he could. After years of rebuilding and bettering himself mentally and physically he found the best way to give back to those around him is through exercise. To help the community who stuck behind him and welcomed him back with open arms, he opened Undisputed Fitness as a place for all walks of life to come and better themselves. Pete is an avid runner and has boxed for more than 3 years. Though he does not have any fights under his belt, his knowledge of the ring is vast and he has learned and trained with multiple professionals and local amateurs. He is NASM certified and is always looking for ways to get better!

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